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The Liquid Hospitality Card Facebook Group was set up in 2017, to assist those working in the Hospitality Industry with finding jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The group has been limited to those already based in the UAE and those that work in Hospitality. Even with our extremely strict guidelines, we have still managed to grow to over 35 thosand members. 

We are also extremely strict with those advertising jobs within the Group, as we are great believers in ensuring the jobs promoted through the Group are genuine jobs. For example, we don't allow any posts unless they are from an official representative of the company advertising and an official email address must be provided, unless we have prior proof from the person posting that there is a genuine reason for not sharing an official email address. 

If you are looking for a job in Hospitality and you are based in the UAE or if you are looking to advertise a Hospitality job to our Group, please feel free to join here -

We always welcome any suggestions for the group over email, so please contact us on our email address below if you have any questions at all.

For all enquiries, please email -

Liquid Hospitality Card, supporting Hospitality staff working in the United Arab Emirates

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