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About Us

The Liquid Hospitality Card mobile application is a platform for businesses in the United Arab Emirates to provide those working in the Hospitality Industry discounts on their services and/or products.

It's a great way for owners and managers of Hospitality businesses such as Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Beach Clubs to look after others that work in their industry and with the majority of staff in the Hospitality industry working weekends it's also a great way for all businesses to drive midweek traffic, when most businesses are at their quietest time. 

To receive the discounts available, those working in the Hospitality Industry who work for either a Bar, Beach Club, Beverage Supplier, Café/Coffee Shop, Hotel, Nightclub, Restaurant or Theme Park can apply for membership by filling in a brief application, providing a profile photo and photographic evidence of working for one of these types of businesses, all for either AED 10.99 per month or AED 89.99 per year.

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