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Partner with Liquid Hospitality Card

If you would like to register your venue/s and list on the Liquid Hospitality Card Mobile Application (there is no fee to list), please kindly complete and submit the following form and we shall get back to you within 48 hours with details of your listing. Please note that non Food & Beverage businesses should contact us by email to list -

Terms & Conditions to list on the Liquid Hospitality Card Mobile Application

The Liquid Hospitality Card Mobile Application is owned and managed by Park Lane Group FZ LLE, a UAE company licensed to carry out e-Commerce and Business Consultancy activities.

Any venues completing the above form agree to provide all Liquid Card holders (plus up to 3 guests) with the Discount stipulated, although the discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer when visiting each venue.

Any venue has the right to pass on the discount to more than 3 guests, should they wish to do so.

The Terms and Conditions of the mobile application also state that all members should check directly with a venue to see if the discounts are still available on public holidays or key dates, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day/New Years Eve.

Venues may also wish to provide additional offers from time to time. To action these discounts they shall have to be agreed by both parties over email through an official email address from the venue/s concerned and

Park Lane Group FZ LLE is able to promote any discounts being offered through the Liquid Hospitality Card website and through Liquid Hospitality Card Social Media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Park Lane Group FZ LLE shall provide venues with a unique pin code for each venue within 48 hours of completing the form above, subject to all information being provided correctly.

Park Lane Group FZ LLE shall provide a printable user guide within 48 hours of completing the form above, subject to all information being provided correctly. 

Each venue agrees to ensure that all staff are fully aware at all times of the Liquid Hospitality Card, the discount available and that all staff will input the unique pin code at each time of purchase.

This Agreement is subject to termination by either party upon at least three (3) months written notice via official email addres and to

By completing this agreement, each individual agrees they have the right to do so on behalf of the company they are representing.

The Liquid Hospitality Card mobile application is established to offer discounts to staff working within the Hospitality industry. Park Lane has a strict policy in place and makes best reasonable efforts to ensure all those signing up to the mobile application work for one of the following -

  • Bar

  • Beach Club

  • Beverage Supplier

  • Café/Coffee Shop

  • Hotel

  • Nightclub

  • Restaurant

  • Theme Park


Park Lane shall have the right to issue memberships to staff or ambassadors from time to time. These memberships shall not be over 1% of the total membership at any given time.

It is not the responsibility of Park Lane Group FZ LLE to ensure the age of each member and Park Lane Group FZ LLE can not be held responsible for the bahaviour of it's members. We do however ask that any inappropriate behaviour is reported to and we shall investigate and take the necessary action from our side.

Park Lane Group FZ LLE shall use images and take information (to populate the mobile application and for promotional purposes) from the Social Media pages and official Websites of venues, unless this information is provided to and we shall be happy to use information provided directly from venues.

Finally, please also refer to our main Terms & Conditions, some of which have already been covered above -

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